Kim Jong Book is a character in the Book Battle world who has started appearing in Episode 4: 7/12 Kim Jong Book has the appearance of a Book with the patterns and colors of the North Korean Flag (Red, white and Blue), and is wearing a mask of Kim Jong Un.

Episode 4: 7/12 Edit

Kim Jong Book nuked Fitness (The Co-host) and Achoo made him the co-host. He called Elimination Time "Nuke Time" and starting doing the elimination.

After Frrizzy was eliminated he got into the intro. Fitness came back after the intro and Valk (eliminated contestant) also came back. Kim Jong Book threatened Achoo that he was gonna nuke him and he jumped on the nuke but fell off it and it exploded on him.

In the rejoin auditions (Even though he wasn't eliminated) He said "If you don't vote me I'll nuke you"

Episode 5: This is a Title Edit

Kim Jong Book appears as one of the 6 rejoin audition candidates. He nukes 3 of the candidates after they have recieved 0 votes. Then, it cut to Frizzy vs Kim Jong Book. Kim Jong Book lost with only 3 votes compared to Frizzy's 4 and thrown into the lava pit.

Later, he appears on the confession room. His room contains 2 shelves and several North Korean propaganda posters. He threatens all of his enemies that they will be nuked if they do not support him. He then procedes to make a threat to the hosts and keep them hostage and will kill them by Episode 6 if they do not let him join. The hosts agree to let him join, and therefore no one was harmed.

In the challenge, Kim Jong Un nukes Achoo's server. It then cuts to the results and Kim Jong Book is declared "Immune" due to the fact he is a debuter.

Episode 6: lol Edit

Kim Jong Book nuked Mocha and Frozen when they got eliminated. At the challenge, Kim Jong Book is the third one to be exploded but almost was the second one because Red held the potato until one second and gave it to Kim Jong Book but Red exploded for cheating.

Trivia Edit

-Kim Jong Book is the only character known to have possessed nuclear weapons

-Kim Jong Book is the only character who has debuted by unconventional means. He debuted after sending a threat to the hosts, and the hosts were forced to accept him in.

-Kim Jong Book has launched a nuke 6 times.

-Kim Jong Book has killed 5 people in the show, but it would be 200 people since he nuked Achoo's server in episode 5.

-Kim Jong Book has the most votes counting as zero votes at 3.