frrizzy is a contestant in Book Battle.

Episode 1 Edit

frrizzy comes up to Achoo and says "Hi there." After that frrizzy ends up getting kinda crowded for a bit. Achoo says that there is no challenge and everyone is up for elimination and says "But Foxy hasn't said anything yet!"

Episode 2: Folder is a Folder Edit

Frrizzy ends up being safe with 0 votes and leaves the elimination area. Off camera, Frrizzy talks and is out of the challenge and is put up for elimination again. At the second elimination Frrizzy is safe with 0 zeros again. Frrizzy is up for elimination AGAIN.

Episode 3: RPS Tournament Edit

At elimination, Frrizzy starts asking "Why would people vote me?" and is NOT safe. At the bottom 2 Frrizzy starts freaking out and is safe with 3 votes. Eevee uses a immunity token and Achoo says that Eevee is safe. Frrizzy asks Achoo for last words and Achoo says yes, Frrizzy says "EEVEE DOESN'T HAVE A IMMUNITY TOKEN" and Eevee is eliminated. Eevee says "If you eliminate me I'll make Folder rejoin" and Frrizzy ends up getting eliminated but also says "If you eliminate me I'll make Folder rejoin" and then Achoo says "THEN WHO GETS OUT?" Frrizzy quickly says "Eevee" and Eevee is eliminated. At the RPS Tournament Frrizzy is against IceCreamCake who says "Rock" but frrizzy said "no" making IceCreamCake the winner. In another scene Frrizzy says "no" to a wall. Frrizzy is up for elimination again...

Episode 4: 7/12 Edit

In the intro Frrizzy is at the far left. At elimination, Kim Jong Book says that everyone except Frrizzy is safe with 0 votes and Frrizzy is eliminated with 3. Frrizzy says "NO" and Achoo tells the viewers that Frrizzy is eliminated. Achoo walks away from the elimination area while Kim Jong Book throws a nuke at Frrizzy. Frrizzy says "PLS" before getting nuked by Kim Jong Book. Frrizzy in the intro fades a bit. When Folder and Valk ask Achoo if there can be a rejoin Achoo says yes. Frrizzy makes a joke about rigging the votes in the audition to rejoin.

Episode 5: This is a Title Edit

Frrizzy gets 4 votes to rejoin and rejoins and Frrizzy fades back to normal. Frrizzy instantly won the challenge for rejoining and got happy.

Episode 6: lol Edit

Frrizzy received two votes even though they weren't up for elimination. During the Hot Potato contest, Frrizzy almost won but got exploded in the final two and was up for elimination.

Trivia Edit

  1. Frrizzy has been safe with 3 votes and eliminated with 3 votes.
  2. Frrizzy was eliminated with the least about of votes: 3
  3. Frrizzy has the most bottom 2's at 2
  4. Frrizzy is the first and only contestant to talk about Foxy
  5. Frrizzy has been eliminated 3 times (2 times in episode 3 and 1 time in episode 4)
  6. Frrizzy was the first person to be nuked at.