FrozenHopes is a contestant in Book Battle that debuted in Episode 2: Folder is a Folder

Episode 2: Folder is a Folder Edit

Frozen is one of the four debuters that join the game in this episode. In the no speaking challenge Frozen speaks off camera and is up for elimination. Frozen is safe with 1 vote.

Episode 3: RPS Tournament Edit

Frozen is once again, safe with 1 vote. Frozen and lamdumberdore don't do anything in the RPS Tournament resulting in both of them losing.

Episode 4: 7/12 Edit

In the new intro Frozen is right beside Foxy and lamdumberdore. Frozen is safe with 0 votes and doesn't get nuked at the elimination.

Episode 5: This is a Title Edit

After the elimination, Frozen asks to change their book and Fitness agrees and is updated in the intro. In the challenge Frozen loses the Simon Says challenge off camera and is up for elimination.

Episode 6: lol Edit

At the elimination, Frozen is in the bottom three with Mocha and Mozart. Mozart ends up being safe and Mocha and Frozen are eliminated.

Trivia Edit

  1. Frozen is the second to last contestant to speak (Episode 5)
  2. Frozen is the smallest book contestant.
  3. Frozen's original book was drawn by OverheadRed.