Folder is a contestant in Book Battle.

Episode 1 Edit

Fitness asks Achoo if Folder can replace Valk and Achoo says yes and Folder joins the game. He said that he liked pineapples and got put up for elimination because it was the first episode.

Episode 2: Folder is a Folder Edit

Folder doesn't make a cameo in the before elimination scene. At elimination Folder ended up getting 9 votes (A record high!) And called Achoo insane. He then grew and broke the screen. Folder got burned after he broke the screen. Fitness recovers Folder and Folder appears in the background and Fitness holds him for the rest of the challenge. Folder appears in a secret ending telling the viewers to watch Ask Folder. (A series made by Fitness)

Episode 3: RPS Tournament Edit

Fitness does the elimination and he puts Folder on a seat. Achoo tells him to stop it or he'll be eliminated.

Episode 4: 7/12 Edit

Folder appears in the new intro by Eevee, IceCreamCake, and Misvass. When Valk says that she doesn't have to go Folder appears out of nowhere. Folder asks if he can rejoin but Achoo says no. Folder starts getting super angry and says that everyone must rejoin. Achoo finally says there will be a rejoin and Folder goes back to normal. In his audition to rejoin he says that people won't vote him because he isn't a book and that he can show his personality to the voters.

Episode 5: This is a Title Edit

Folder quits so lamdumberdore can rejoin but Folder comes back at the rejoin area and laughs. Folder receives zero votes to rejoin and doesn't rejoin and gets nuked by Kim Jong Book.

Trivia Edit

  1. Folder has the most votes ever even though he only got votes once.
  2. Folder is the only living non book to be in the show
  3. Fitness holds Folder sometimes
  4. Folder is the smallest character in the show
  5. Folder is the first contestant to be eliminated by voters
  6. Folder is the first male contestant to be eliminated
  7. He can be the largest contestant if he grows
  8. Folder is Fitness's favorite contestant